Friday, September 29, 2006

Underwater Sex Torture Videos

"Yes…okay. I feel it in me. I feel your cock in my ass. God, it's huge. I've never been fucked there with anything near that big. Go gently. Wait…please…okay…slowly, put it all back in. Yes! Oh, yes. Fuck me there. Fuck me in my ass. Give it to me. Fuck me harder…harder…oh, my husband can't begin to touch me that deep!"

He looked up and Susan was smiling at him “I Love You” She mouthed. Manny’s knees were getting sore as Maria raised her head and looked at him through tear soaked eyes and sobbed “Your shoulder is wet”.

"Hey Ed," I said. "She's gone. Come on over."

Sis opened the box; it looked sort of like a fisherman's box, and sure enough, inside were many compartments. In each compartment, neatly tied, was a condom, filled.

That's why the following Saturday, the Foresters were knocking at the door of Sandy Burnett's posh, country home, ready and willing to participate. Sandy greeted them on the first ring with a steamy french kiss, wearing a black, filmy negligee, thong, and matching heels,

"I will probably regret and later pay for what I am about to do. But it won't be the first time in my life to do so," Ryan admitted. "Count to fifty and leave the barn, running as fast as you can. Find the shoreline; I know you have an idea of the oceans direction since Thomas took you down the path leading there during your ride together."

"Do you wanna try it?"

Slowly, I began to slide out and back in. Our moans were growing louder as she shouted “Fuck me, Daddy, Fuck me!!!!!

I made a show of walking around the room while speaking in a low voice "who will be the first subject?"

In the evenings, Cal could undress her at his leisure, and roam and explore every well-crafted curve of her figure. Her skin was the most perfect shade of ivory, completely smooth to the touch. Her hair was a perfect match for human, silky and soft. There were no restrictions on how he could enact his desires upon her. He could even tie her in chains, Anna's body displayed for his pleasure in any possible position for any length of time. He was never overtly cruel, even though it was impossible for her to feel pain. But he reveled in the level of control he had over this living plastic beauty.

I returned with a bottle of white wine straight from the fridge. I had opened it in the kitchen and grabbed two glasses. I looked at her, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, just watching me. I poured out two glasses and handed her one. I took a sip of mine and put it down.

"I approve," I said, "I think it's a lovely name."

"Do I look like I think this is funny? Kate cheated on me and I caught her with this fucking weasel's cock in her mouth."

Bob rolled his eyes in mock horror, grinned and asked, “Ok, what’s the other reason.”

"Well, I'm a little too buzzed to really cook right now, and I've got to take care of something else. Would you mind?" He asked. "I'll get the food out to you, the coals are ready to go by now."

I had just moved to beautiful Mystic Valley in the month of August. I was accepted to attend the Mystic Valley University as a transfer student from UCLA, and moved there about a month before the semester started. After I settled into my small, perfect-for-college-income apartment, I looked around for a job. Well, lucky for me I was hired at a clothing store in the Mystic Valley Mall, making a slave's wages for the week, but enough to get me by the school year.

"I already talked to my mom about it. It's cool. You guys are adults and I'm not," Erin said.

"One hundred and twenty pounds."

I knew you were the one the minute I set eyes on you. It was at my nephew's 21st birthday party and you were with my cousin Paula. I could see by the way she clung to you, that she was hoping to get you into her bed by the nights end. But there was something in the way you smiled at her that suggested her dreams would not be coming true. I watched you from across the room, taking in the beauty of you. You stood about 6' 2" and had the body of an athlete. Your shoulders begged for me to come and rest my head on them. Your brown wavy hair swirled to your shoulders and your deep blue eyes awakened a heat in me that I had not felt for sometime. I could feel my own cock stir with the desire I had for you.

"Can anyone join in?" I hear a male voice.

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